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Dunkles Bock

Journey To Mars

Dunkles Bock Beer

Our Award-Winning Dunkles Bock. Brewed in Toronto, Canada using premium malted barley from Germany and premium hops from Europe.

We designed this craft beer to be drunk in the colder months, but it goes well year-round if you are looking for a tasty bready-malty-rich 7% beer. 

Complex taste and aroma, rich with a predominant malty flavours including caramel, toffee and dark fruit. This beer will age very well for many months if kept cold.

If your go-to restaurants, pubs and bars still don’t carry it, please ask them contact us. We will be happy to work with them.


Alc. / Vol. / ABV






This winter warmer goes well with meaty and hearty meals. Some items that it will pair well:

Barbecue, fried/grilled chicken and burger