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Award-Winning Beers

Welcome to Paniza Brewing Co.

We’re proudly independent craft beer brewers located in Toronto, Canada. While we work hard on our award-winning beers, you can enjoy all the great taste, balance and bitterness that we have to offer. We work hard on selecting the finest quality ingredients, so all you have to worry about is quenching your thirst.

German-style Pilsner

Paniza Premium Pilsner

It is made with premium German grains and European hops, and it’s sure to make a fan out of any naysayer. This brew is well-balanced and made without any enhancers or modifiers, so you’re only getting delicious natural flavours.

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Premium Pilsner
Dunkles Bock Beer
Dunkles Bock

Journey To Mars

Our award-winning beer is made with premium German grains and European hops. This malty-forward brew doesn’t have any enhancers or modifiers.

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The Paniza Brewing Premium Experience

Out Of This World

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you only the finest ingredients, so all you can focus on is drinking a great beer. Always made with Premium ingredients, without any preservatives, agents, or stabilizers. That’s our promise to you.

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Paniza Brewing