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German-style Pilsner

Premium Pilsner

Premium Pilsner

Our take on the traditional German-style Pilsner (German Pils). It is brewed in Toronto, Canada using premium malted barley from Germany and premium hops from Europe.

We designed it to be drunk ice-cold. It can be drunk year-round. This classic style beer captivates just after few gulps. Aging is also a very important factor in our recipe design, this beer will age very well for many months if kept cold.

We have brewed the recipe since 2015. After few years, it won top prizes in some big competitions Canada wide.

If your go-to restaurants or bars still don’t carry it, please ask them contact us. We will be happy to work with them.


Alc. / Vol. / ABV



Pale Gold



This easy drinking beer can be consumed with almost anything. Some items that it will pair well:

Sushi, Seafood, Pizza, Wings, Burger, Ham and Cheese sandwich